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What Causes an Ear Infection in Babies?

December 11, 2020 by drmudddazir0

Is your baby becoming a bit fussier? Is something unbearable upsetting his/her entire day’s zeal and gusto? If you have been facing such signs in your baby, then don’t ignore that as an Ear Infection might be the reason for this inexplicable and enigmatic Pain to cause discomfort!

With ear infection in babies, you will find it unbearable situation as their suffering turns into a matter of big concern. But, it can be resolved by consulting an expert and experienced ENT Specialist at the earliest. The common scene is that ear infection in babies is often common and it can even occur a number of times to the same baby.

It is therefore essential that you pay utmost attention to the symptoms as well as signs including your baby pulling his/her ear, becoming finicky frequently and if facing difficulties during sleep. Most importantly though, it is also rather more essential to know what causes an Ear Infection in babies and how to resolve such issues?

Let’s explore here through this blog the main causes of ear infections in babies for proper treatment:

What is an Ear Infection?

An Ear Infection in toddlers and children are commonly caused due to an inflammation of the Middle Ear which leads to the formation of fluid behind the eardrum. It is quite common in the toddlers as well as in adults. The scientific term such an ear infection is “Otitis Media”. Toddlers are more vulnerable to it due to their weak immune system. Also, their Eustachian Tubes are not developed too well are lie more horizontal than vertical thus placing them under the risk of getting infection more often than adults .

Causes of Ear Infections in Babies

It is important to know exactly what causes an ear infection in Babies and how it can be resolved with concrete action. Fortunately, the common causes responsible for causing ear infection are not too much out of the ordinary. Here are some of the common causes that should be known for primary assessment:

Bacterial and Viral Infections: The Bacterial infections are actually responsible for causing severe to mild ear infections. They infect the middle ear due to which inflammation occurs and the fluid starts to collect behind the eardrum. They result from the respiratory infections including Flu or any kind of allergy.

Enlarged Adenoid: Adenoid is a lymphoid tissue present in the back of the nose, when enlarged, can block the nasopharyngeal end of the eustachian tube thus making the child susceptible for recurrent middle ear infection, nasal block and decreased hearing.

Immature Eustachian Tubes: The Eustachian Tubes which arises from our middle ear connect the middle ear to back of our nose as well as throat. The bacteria reach the ear from nose to the ear through a space created due to small and angular shaped Eustachian tubes in particularly in the babies. In adults, space is not enough for bacteria to reach up to the ear.

Colds and Flu: As we all know, Colds and Flu are quite usual in the case of babies. The nasal passages become swollen due to which mucus gets entrapped at the backside of the nose. Normally, this develops a deck suitable for the bacterial propagation which then drifts over to the Eustachian tube vide back of the nose.

Formation of Fluid: The Bacteria migrates to behind the eardrum while travelling along the Eustachian tube. It leads to the formation of mucus and fluid that further leads to bulging of the ear drum and severe pain in the ear of the babies. Any skilled and highly experienced ENT professional can only suggest you an appropriate medication in such a scenario.

How Is Chronic Sinusitis Diagnosed?

How to Deal with Chronic Ear infections in Children

Other Common Causes include:

Due to Bottles: When a baby drinks while lying flat on the bed, the chances of getting ear infection increases as the liquid can flow into the Eustachian tubes.

Thumb Sucking and Pacifiers: As the baby sucks, the eustachian tube becomes open due to which bacteria easily migrates into the ear.

Earwax: A very little Earwax is essential for the babies as it helps in fighting against the foreign bodies including the bacteria.

Climatic changes: Climate change enhances the chances of getting an ear infection therefore utmost care is required.

Swimmer’s ear: Water present in the ear causes swimmers’ ear, which is considered the most devastating ear infection.

Treatment and Diagnosis

It is vital to consult an experienced ENT Professional in case your baby develops an ear infection. They will examine the ear by otoscope to suggest an appropriate treatment option. The infected ear appears red and swollen. Furthermore, a pneumatic otoscope is also used through which air blows into the ear canal to analyse the flexibility of the eardrum. Tympanometry is also used to test the behaviour of eardrum in different pressures.

If your baby is also facing any such difficulty due to an ear infection, then don’t delay anymore. It’s high time you contact Dr. Muddazir, an experienced and kind Pediatric ENT specialist  immediately. He has been serving for several years now and will certainly suggest you the most suitable treatment option.
Untreated and ignored ear Infections sometimes become life-threatening! Fix your appointment immediately and give your baby a comfortable sleep.

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