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Had a really wonderful experience at Aster. Dr. Muddazir Ali was excellent in his diagnosis with a genuine concern for the patient’s well being, reflected in his treatment. An absolutely noncommercial approach by the doctor. Really exceptional in this day and age.

George Robinson


I want to express my gratitude to all the staff of Aster Hospital, Alqusais. Especially to the most dedicated doctor, I have ever met Dr. Muddazir Ali Ibrahim for his professional attitude, dedication, sympathy and his honesty.



I underwent tonsillectomy on 25 February 2020 by Dr.Muddazir Ali Ibrahim (Specialist – Otolaryngology) very down to earth, friendly with his strong ability and inclination toward the patient’s recovery made my experience quite smoothly.

Muhammad Ali Khan


Aster Hospital, Al Qusais is an excellent one with all modern facilities. Taking this opportunity to thank you all the staff and nurses for their concern and care. Special thanks to Dr. Muddazir Ali Ibrahim, ENT Specialist for his effort and sincere care.

Mousumi Sarkar


I used to have a strong headache every day and having hard time to breath and have difficulty when i sleep at night and felt like its due to my sinuses and every 2 weeks i suffer from flu.A GP doctor asked me to take an ultrasound and refer to see an ENT DOCTOR. I decided to google where can I find a good doctor and found one in Aster Hospital Al Qusais. I started seeing Dr. Muddazir Ibrahim around the month of February and asked me to do a CT Scan. I told him that I had difficulty in breathing and often felt like having flu and strong headache everyday. As the CT Scan result came out, we found out that there is an S-shaped daviation on my nose which can be the reason of me not having enough oxygen intake. I wasn’t aware of this until Dr. Mudazzir explained to me that this is a serious problem. He recommeded me to do a nose surgery to correct the shape of my nose, for me to able to breath properly. After few months of waiting due to this pandemic that we are facing, I was able to do it last Aug. 12,2020. Its been a while since my successful surgery. I am very thankful to my doctor Dr. Muddazzir Ibrahim as I felt like I was able to breath properly. I was able to move continously without catching my breath.No more morning headaches. and i start having a long proper hours to sleep It seems like my wellbeing becomes more better as what Im feeling affects my moods as well. and my weekly follow up make feel better more and more each week I felt the care from him as a patient and the passion on what he does. As well as the people who works with him at Aster Hospital. I would like to thank each and every one of you. i want to thank all the nurses in the 4th floor who took a great care of me…May God bless u always and keep you safe thank u to aster Al qusais yes indeed i always recommend this amazing hospital…Dr. Muddazir is one of the best and if you are suffering from any kind of this pains he is one to be highly recommended…Laura Nouh

Heartie Angel


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by Moein Askoul on drmuddazir
Great Dr. Muddazir

I had suffered with almost complete blockage in my nose for a very long time. It was an issue since I had been playing D1 football in the US and stamina was an important factor affecting my performance.
Now, I can’t believe how well I can breathe and how it made me more comfortable doing activities, starting from playing football to cycling.
I’m ready to do a well-deserved testimonial for Dr. Muddazir Ali Ibrahim, Specialist ENT Surgeon(Otorhinolaryngology), the surgical center at Aster hospital in Dubai and everyone else involved. The care, service, and results are the highest level possible.
I am thrilled with the Dr’s care, and he is excellent Dr. and surgeon.
Indeed, the most treasured of the Doctors I have been privileged to meet. Dr. Muddazir treated me as if I was a family member during all my meetings with him, before Surgery, and after. The surgery was undoubtedly successful, and the results were as described and better. If he weren’t specialized, I’d see him for everything!”
My experience was amazing. I felt that all the staff were very interested in my physical and mental comfort. Everything was well explained.
I would highly recommend Dr. Muddazir Ali Ibrahim and Aster Hospital in Dubai to anyone who needs this procedure.
It’s nice to breathe, move and live without pain, So many thanks Dr. Muddazir.
For those whom are concerned about the he Surgery, was done as per the following:
– Incision was made in left side of the nasal cavity at mucocutaneous junction.
– Left sided mucoperichondrial flap was elevated.
– The septal cartilage was incised anteriorly and mucoperichondrial flap on the opposite side was elevated
– Deviated part of the nasal septum was removed. mucoperichondrial flaps on both sides were repositioned.
– Incision sutured using 3-0 rapid vicryl, then silastic splint was placed and sutured in place.
– Hemostasis was achieved, Bilateral interior turbinoplasty done using medial flap turbinplasty technique.
– Left conchoplasty done.
-Hemostasi attained. Nasal packing was applied on both sides.

Moein Askoul
+971 567775979

أنا شاب يبلغ من العمر 21 عامًا وعانيت من انسداد شبه كامل في أنفي لفترة طويلة جدًا. لقد كانت مشكلة منذ أن كنت ألعب كرة القدم D1 في الولايات المتحدة وكانت القدرة على التحمل عاملاً مهمًا يؤثر على أدائي.
الآن ، لا أصدق كيف يمكنني التنفس جيدًا وكيف جعلني ذلك أكثر راحة في ممارسة الأنشطة ، بدءًا من لعب كرة القدم إلى ركوب الدراجات.
أنا على استعداد لتقديم شهادة مستحقة للدكتور مدازير علي إبراهيم ، أخصائي جراحة الأنف والأذن والحنجرة (طب الأنف والأذن والحنجرة) ، والمركز الجراحي في مستشفى أستر في دبي وجميع المعنيين. الرعاية والخدمة والنتائج هي أعلى مستوى ممكن.
أنا سعيد برعاية الدكتور ، وهو دكتور وجراح ممتاز.
في الواقع ، أكثر الأطباء الذين تشرفت بمقابلتهم. عاملني الدكتور مدازير كما لو كنت أحد أفراد عائلتي خلال كل لقاءاتي معه ، قبل الجراحة وبعدها. كانت الجراحة بلا شك ناجحة ، وكانت النتائج كما هي موصوفة وأفضل. إذا لم يكن متخصصًا ، كنت سأراه من أجل كل شيء! “
كانت تجربتي مذهلة. شعرت أن جميع الموظفين مهتمون جدًا براحتي الجسدية والعقلية. تم شرح كل شيء بشكل جيد.
أوصي بشدة بالدكتور مدازير علي إبراهيم ومستشفى أستر في دبي لأي شخص يحتاج هذا الإجراء.
من الجيد أن تتنفس وتتحرك وتعيش بدون ألم ، شكرًا جزيلاً للدكتور مدازير.

بالنسبة لأولئك المهتمين بالجراحة ، فقد تم إجراؤها على النحو التالي:
– تم عمل شق في الجانب الأيسر من التجويف الأنفي عند تقاطع الجلد المخاطي.
– تم رفع السديلة المخاطية الغضروفية من الجانب الأيسر.
– تم شق غضروف الحاجز من الأمام ورفعت السديلة المخاطية الغضروفية على الجانب المقابل
– تمت إزالة الجزء المنحرف من الحاجز الأنفي. تم إعادة وضع اللوحات الغضروفية على كلا الجانبين.
– تم خياطة الجرح باستخدام فيكريل سريع 3-0 ثم وضع الجبيرة السليكونية وخياطتها في مكانها.
– تم تحقيق الإرقاء ، وتم إجراء رأب التوربيني الداخلي الثنائي باستخدام تقنية رأب التوربيني القلاب.
– إجراء عملية تجميل المحارة اليسرى.
– بلوغ الشبقية. تم وضع حشوة الأنف على كلا الجانبين.

Moein Askoul
+971 567775979


Had an Amazing Experience, Caring From Doctor Mudassir Al Ibrahim, ENT SPECIALIST – i was diagnosed with the infection 5Days ago on my Nose-Eye side and mashallh the blessing Doctor has in his hands cured me. And Mashallah his very energetic and enthusiasm The follow up and the courtesy he shows towards his patient is also helping curing faster Haha. Will definitely refer him to our family and friends for further ENT issues.

Hamood Barbarian

United Arab Emirates

I Mr.latheef as a patient can recommend Aster Hospital Qusais Dubai, for Nasal septum deviation surgery those who are waiting and make this as pending because of worrying about the amount and the final results. I waisted my long years without doing my surgery.After a long while I went aster and consulted Dr.MUDAZIR ALI. Was such a comfort experience and he could give confidence and made my self fearless feel for the surgery. I was unable to breathe properly and suffered lots of related problems because of the Nose bend.I did surgery on 05/04/2021,all amount covered in my insurance. I never expected such a wonderful success with this surgery. I have gotten a new life.I thank Dr.MUDAZIR ALI from my bottom of heart. I strongly recommend Dr.MUDAZIR ALI IBRAHIM those who are suffering with Deviated Nasal septum related problems. Thanks alot Dr.MUDAZIR ALI and Co teams…🙂

Latheef esf

United Arab Emirates

Excellent pre and post operative care from Aster Qusais for adenoid removal surgery. The best part of the experience was the ENT Dr. Muddazir Ali Ibrahim and Sister Anju. We have consulted with Dr. Muddazir for more than 2 years and he has always been professional and friendly at the same time. He has provided us all options and discussed them in depth. He has also made an effort to explain the adenoid growth and the procedure for its removal to my 10-year-old daughter in detail and his kindness gave her confidence. He was also extremely helpful before, during, and after surgery. My daughter knew exactly what care to take after surgery so that she could be back on her feet at the earliest. So she was able to recover very quickly. The other person we must give full credit to is Sister Anju who went out of her way to be helpful to complete all formalities for the surgery and the COVID testing prior to surgery. She came to the hospital on her off day Friday so that she could help us to complete all tests on time and be ready for the surgery on Sunday April 4th. We are very grateful to both of them for their immense help. The sisters in the room were also extremely helpful pre and post surgery as were the housekeeping team.

Sitalakshmi Ramanan

United Arab Emirates

During the 1st week of April, I was diagnosed with Chronic Sinusitis by Dr. Muddazir Ali Ibrahim (ENT Doctor). He suggested that I should undergo sinus surgery because the medicine would not cure the condition of my sinus, particularly my left maxillary sinus. On April 20th, the surgery took place, I was feeling excited and nervous at the same time, but in God’s grace, he helped me endure it all. After spending my time in the pre-or, operating room, and recovery room for 6 hours, I am suddenly contemplating how important life and health are. So, guys, take care of yourself! ❤ I am thankful for Dr. Muddazir from the Aster Hospital (Al Qusais) who cured me of my Chronic Sinusitis, he is like a family to us and we feel comfortable with telling all of our questions and insights because he is really listening to our concerns. The service of the nurse is excellent especially Nurse Riya, who helped us in every path that we should take during the preparation for the surgery up until the follow-up advice. As a Filipino who has been in the UAE for almost 14 years, I can say that Aster is our go-to clinic and hospital especially (Aster Hospital Al Qusais) in all of the illnesses that we are experiencing.


United Arab Emirates



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Copyright by Dr. Muddazir Ali Ibrahim 2020. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Dr. Muddazir Ali Ibrahim 2020. All rights reserved.