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Know the cause of Snoring in Children and ways to Stop Snoring while Sleeping

October 14, 2020 by drmudddazir0

Are you worried about your child’s restless nights due to snoring problem? Does your child wake up feeling tired? If yes, need not worry anymore as you are not alone who is facing such issues. About 15%-20% of children in this globe actually snore! Let’s just know the real snoring causes in children and the best suitable ways to get rid of it. We has a team of best ent specialist doctors in Dubai, have years of experience with the ear, nose, throat & head.

What is Snoring?

Snoring is a kind of sound that occurs due to blocked air-flow while your child is sleeping. The tissues present at the top of the airway produces this sound when they strike against each other and vibrate. Just because of the relaxed state and position of body, it occurs during the sleep only.

Identifying the Causes of Snoring

When we breathe, air flows inward and outward in a steady stream between the lungs and nose. The air flows more quickly when we exercise, thus producing some kind of sounds while breathing. As the air moves more rapidly, it leads to the turbulence to the airflow, hence causing some kind of vibrations of the tissues in the nose as well as in the mouth.

While sleeping, as the muscles relax, the area behind the throat narrows down and sometimes close off. Through this minute opening, the air passes away quite quickly thus causing the surrounding tissues to vibrate which further leads to the emergence of the sound of snoring. Narrowing varies amongst the number of individuals. It can be in the mouth, throat or nose. Palatal Snoring is considered to be as the worst one that occurs when a person breathes via his mouth or has some obstruction in his nose.

Referring an expert ENT specialist near you can only help you determine the exact cause of such conditions. An ENT specialist or any highly experienced ENT professional near you would rule out any kind of blockages in your children that enlarged the tonsils or other structures like turbinates or sinus tissues may cause. An ENT specialist will thoroughly screen out the enlarged structures and remove them surgically as one of the potential diagnosis options.

Snoring can be a sign of Sleep Apnea

Snoring in children is also considered to be a sign of the most serious and devastating sleeping disorder, knows as Sleep Apnea therefore such syndromes shouldn’t be ignored. If you face any such disorder in your child, get them diagnosed at the right time to find out the best treatment options. Timely action will ensure that the case doesn’t turn severe.

The snoring cases in children are getting prevalent and might lead to inhibit breathing for a brief interval of time while sleeping, say for ten seconds or more than that. This eventually can even stop blood flow to the brain or heart due to lack of oxygen, resulting into the causes of mood disorders, depression, anxiety or even heart failure if not treated well on time. That is why timely treatment is important to avoid any worst circumstance in the future.

Common Causes of Snoring In Children

As we all know sleep is vital for a child’s growth and development. Sleeping disorders like snoring and Sleep Apnea might ruin your child’s sleep and eventually his growth and development. So, it is essential to know the real causes and treatment of Snoring in Children so that you may be able to best look out for the health of your children and help them get better sleep.

Number of factors causes blockages of the airways that inhibits the free flow of air at the back of the throat. In children, the most common Factors that causes Snoring involves Large and Swollen Tonsils and Adenoids.

The Tonsils as well as Adenoids are the collections of lymphoid tissue present at the back of the throat and are considered as the part of the body’s immune system. They trap bacteria as well as viruses that enter though the throat and produce antibodies against them. At the time, when infection of bacteria or Virus occurs in throat, they become enlarged. Enlargement of Tonsils and Adenoids can obstruct the airway, causing Snoring in Children.

Role of Tonsils and Adenoids in Causing Sinusitis

When Tonsils and Adenoids are enlarged, they obstructs nasal and sinus drainage and a poor drainage in sinus develops a perfect environment for bacteria to grow and breed. This eventually leads to the development of a Sinus Infection, known as Sinusitis. This effect happens over and over again causing recurrent Sinus Infection or Sinusitis.

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