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E-Learning: Is It Ruining Your Child’s Health?

November 26, 2020 by drmudddazir0

Prolonged exposure to screen impacts your child’s sensory Organs-Ear and Eyes

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, online classes or e-learning have provided an opportunity for all students to grapple up all the syllabus that was lost due to prolonged lockdown. Using digital technology like computers, laptops, tablets et al have become as important as breathing. No doubt, kids are more active in using these gadgets as compared to adults.

But if we focus on its flip side, prolonged usage, addiction and dependency on this technology is causing some serious issues that might include sensory organs like Eyes and Ears. E-learning has further compounded this issue through virtual classes due to which children are continuously using screen without any break. This has made it quite difficult to reduce the screen time of young kids, hence causing disastrous effects on Eyes and Ears.

General effects of Prolonged Exposure to Screen on Ears and Child’s health

Here are some of the most dreadful effects of prolonged exposure to screen on your child’s health:

Hearing loss or complications in Hearing

Use of headphones or Earphones while attending online classes leads to direct ingress of audio into the child’s ear. If the volume is more than 90 decibels, then it would result in hearing loss. Kids who are more dependent on earphones or headphones are at higher risk of hearing loss that might lead to even more serious complications.

Ear Infections

Well, we all share our earphones or headphones with our family and friends. But we never think about its consequences. Sharing your headphones and earphones can result in severe Ear infections as bacteria from the ears of one person to another person can travel easily through them.

Numbness in Ears

Prolonged usage of earphones or headphones while attending online classes can lead to a feeling of numbness in-ears in your children. This eventually leads to loss of hearing ability as the ear of your child gets numb for a while and then after some time, it gets normal. But, this numbness in ears is quite dangerous and might cause deafness.

Pain in Ears

Recent studies have shown that children are complaining of pain in their ears. It has been reported that a buzzing sound, as well as a sharp pain, is emerging after short intervals during online classes that might due to prolonged use of speakers, headphones and earphones.

Ill Effects on Brain

Most of us are unaware of the fact that our inner ear is directly connected to the brain. Even a minute infection can result in severe issues into the brain and sometimes damage of the brain. Also, electromagnetic waves produced by earphones and headphones can cause severe dangers to the brain.  

It can Cause Tinnitus 

A number of parents have complained about experiencing ringing sounds in the ear of their kids. This is a sign of noise-induced deafness also known as Tinnitus. Prolonged exposure can lead to deafness and other complications.

No passage of Air

To deliver high-quality audio experience, headphone companies nowadays have launched such gadgets which are inserted directly into the ear canal and result in no air passage. This leads to major risks of ear infections.

How to prevent ear and eye problems while attending Online Classes

Here we have gathered some of the simple tips that can help to save your child’s ear:

Use Big Headphones: Avoid the use of small and tiny earphones that goes directly into the ear canal. Big Headphones have an added advantage of being staying outside the ear.

Change Sponge cover or Rubber cover: Make sure to change the sponge cover or rubber cover of the earphones frequently.

Sanitize your Earphones: To avoid ear problems, it is important to sanitize them properly every day after using them.

Avoid Sharing: Make sure your child is using his personal earphones or headphones. Do not allow them to share it with others.

Try to Keep Volume Low: It is better to use headphones or earphones below 80 decibels as volume higher than that is dangerous.

Give your child well-fitted Earphones: Make sure that your child is using well-fitted earphones as there would be a risk of ear infections.


If your child is facing such ear problems while attending online classes, do not ignore this. Rush immediately to the best nearest Pediatric ENT Surgery professional and get them diagnosed as severe ear infections not only affects your child health but also his bright future. The most experienced ENT Specialist Doctor in Dubai, Dr. Muddazir is available for your guidance if you are worried about such devastating ill-effects of Online Classes. 

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