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Benefits of Removing Tonsils

October 25, 2020 by drmudddazir0

Have you ever experienced irritation in your throat with other cold symptoms like fever, running nose and watery eyes? You may have also experienced pain while swallowing. It could be the case of tonsillitis.

Children and adults, both have similar indications for tonsillectomy. But studies say that as tonsillitis become less common in adults as the tonsils shrink and infections are less significant.

Doctors describe that in several cases, tonsillitis can be treated with the antibiotics but in the severe cases, where patient’s day-to-day life and lifestyle gets affected, then it is best to have the tonsils removed.

How Do Tonsillitis Happen

It occurs when the tissue, called lymphoid, and which is located at the back of the throat become infected by a virus or bacteria. And, in some cases, this can cause severe infection which cannot be simply treated with the medicines. Tonsillitis is not contagious but it can spread easily in children in the schools or any outdoor camps. It’s common in children in the age group from 5 to 15 years, as it spreads like bacterial infections.

There are two tonsils at the back of the throat on both sides. It helps in swallowing and prevents the viruses and germs from entering through the mouth and nose. Tonsils make up the lymphatic system. However, due to severe cold and bacterial infections, tonsils get inflamed and swollen. And, when this happens, it is called tonsillitis. It occurs most commonly in children.

Some of the tonsillitis-related symptoms include fever, sore throat, a whitish or yellowish coating on the tonsils and also swollen glands in the neck. It is, therefore, best to seek medical attention if there is pain while swallowing or weakness and a persisting sore throat. Most probably, in that case, a patient has tonsils that need to be removed. Doctors diagnose patients with tonsillitis by checking for swelling on the sides of the neck, checking for the rashes, looking into the ears and nose as well as through blood test and throat swabs.

Advantages of Removing Tonsils

If tonsillitis is hampering your daily routine, then its best to have the tonsils removed as a best possible solution. If you are still not convinced, here are some advantages of removing tonsils which you should know to take a timely decision:

I) Sound Sleep: Several patients suffering from tonsillitis have complained of sleeplessness due to swelling of the tonsils which impacts the mood as well. Doctors suggest that swelling blocks the air passage therefore it results in snoring and uneasy breathing cases.

II) Better Health: The benefits of removing tonsils in adults is definitely to attain better health. Everyone wants a good quality of life, which is determined by health. Good health means a good life. With good health, one is able to go to the office, spend time with family, children and friends. Moreover, there will no longer be pain and discomfort.

III) Less Medication: Once the tonsils are removed, one doesn’t have to take any medication for tonsillitis. This means less medication and need not worry about healthcare-related expenses thus one also gets to save some money.

Continuous pain is a hurdle and often leads to depression. Removing the pain entirely gives you a sense of relief and also a feeling of lightness. Once tonsils removed in adults, they can easily concentrate on other important things like family and professional engagements. Furthermore, with tonsillitis, patients tend to skip school or work because of the irritating pain and the accompanying fever and fatigue.

The Right Time to Remove Tonsils

When it comes to surgeries, patients often run scared. But after consultation with the doctor, they know what needs to be done. As such, most patients are confused whether they really need to get their tonsils removed and ask themselves—should I get my tonsils removed’. Some doctors usually advice against the removal but then it depends on the condition of the patient. The patient’s health is important, and also most of them end up asking how you know your tonsils need to be removed.

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Patients need to have their tonsils removed if tonsillitis keeps coming back. Basically, it means that if they go through the same episode, it is about the time they took it seriously had it removed once and for all. They may be going through five to seven such episodes in a year and this definitely takes a toll on their life.

An Assistant Professor of Otology and Laryngology, Neil Bhattacharyya of Brigham and Women’s Hospital once said for people who get tonsillitis several times a year that, ‘the surgery makes sense, medically, financially and from a quality-of-life perspective.’ Bhattacharyya’s research showed that before tonsillectomy, patients spent an average of six and a half weeks a year taking antibiotics. And after the tonsillectomy, the same patients averaged less than a day, per year on antibiotics.

Neil Bhattacharyya further explains that when you factor in all of the sick time with the expenses associated with the antibiotics and the doctor’s visits, deciding to keep your tonsils can be the less attractive option for many chronic tonsillitis sufferers. Even when you consider that it takes a week to recover from the tonsils surgery, patients who had them removed were less sick, less often, for several years after the procedure, Bhattacharyya said.

Therefore, if you are suffering from tonsillitis, it’s advisable and best to consult a doctor for treatment without any further delays.

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